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August 02, 2008


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This was a pretty scathing post. I'm trying to figure out what international agreement(s) he's dissing: URAA, GATT-TRIPs, Berne, the whole shebang? At any rate it's a hell of a statement for someone who "loves copyright" to make: that the public interest has been kicked out of copyright law. What hope, then, does a young lawyer have for a meaningful future in the field?

William Patry

Riana, I was referring to GATT/TRIPS, the 1996 WIPO treaties and various Free Trade Agreements. I didn't the public interest had been kicked out of copyright; I was referring to restrictions on Congress's ability to make future changes in the Copyright Act due to our treaty obligations. None of my comments go to anyone's future in private practice; my issues are policy ones.

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