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July 14, 2008


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I'm confused as to what Tiffany's objection is in the first place. I mean I understand they don't want knock-offs being made or sold, but why would they object to using the name Tiffany for legitimate Tiffany products? Is is that they really don't want their stuff resold on eBay, period?

Jason Schultz

Exactly. They don't want any Tiffany products sold on eBay, period. They want to control their distribution through their own outlets. So they objected to both the sale of knock-offs and legit products.


Brian and I gave a presentation to the media practice group at work today about last month's Creative Commons Technology Summit - more specifically, about promoting ccREL and RDFa to key metadata to CC-licensed works on the web (since licenses = metadata anyway). And I think your comments about network architecture are very applicable to that situation as well - "adding flavor" to webpages using RDFa makes it easier to find CC-licensed works and figure out who owns them, what others can do with them, etc., reducing search costs for those who want to make and build on CC-licensed works.

I didn't explain it that well, though, so Brian put a picture of a puppy biting another puppy's nose (om nom nom) on the screen and we moved on to Q&A.


I think it is ridiculous that Tiffany & Co. thinks that they completely have the right to stop consumers from selling their jewelry that they legally purchased from Tiffany & Co. Tiffany & Co. made their money when the item was bought (and at a very expensive price because of the trademark name) and it should then be the consumer's right to sell the jewelry on eBay if they need to or want to. If Tiffany & Co. is allowed to stop consumers with authentic pieces to sell on eBay because they are not allowed to use the Tiffany & Co. name then how many other companies will then join in this kind of lawsuit saying no one but them has the right to use their name in a title of a sale whether it be eBay or some other selling site?

Because of the continious lawsuit Tiffany & Co. has had against eBay it has been increasingly difficult for sellers to sell the Tiffany & Co. product. eBay is excessively restricting the number of Tiffany & Co. items you can sell to only one at a time in many cases and sometimes suspending a seller for 3 months at a time or more from selling any name brand products with no warning even when the seller is selling legitimate Tiffany & Co. pieces. Even if the seller goes through all the proper channels on eBay they get no real resolution and can't speak with an actual eBay representative at a call center since eBay doesnt have one and eBay also refuses you the right to speak with a person by phone when you ask for a number to call eBay directly. Your only choice is to go to the eBay live chat and then be directed to a link to file a complaint and receive a "canned e-mail". It is extremely frustrating and I am sure that these restrictions are so extreme because of the Tiffany & Co. lawsuit which in turn hurts the sellers and eBay itself when sellers leave out of frustration because of the unfair restrictions put upon them.

I can understand restrictions being needed to keep fake Tiffany & Co. pieces off of eBay but the restrictions have become ridiculous. It seems this has happened because eBay is so scared of further action against them from Tiffany & Co. Just read the discussion boards on eBay regarding Tiffany & Co. products and you will see many complaints and many people who have left or are leaving eBay simply because of this rediculious lawsuit which is infringing on a consumers right to sell personal items on eBay.

Well if Tiffany wants to sue eBay for that! maybe they should go after www.Tiffanyjewelry.us, www.Tiffany.TCOJewelrysale.com and Tifany-Silver.com to name a few counterfeiters... that would be a smarter move in my opinion.


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