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February 02, 2008


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oh how sad! "cheat hear"! :S

DON Rodent

That's how I got through law school!

Mr. Todd

Wow! Copyright infringement and cheating all in 1:27!


The japanese one reminded me of the cheating scene in the movie Spies Like Us. Time to fire up the DVD player :-)

pen and paper

That little boy is a new generation MacGuyver.


what ever happened to just writting formulas or answers on the table you're doing your test on? writting it in pencil then smudging it off when you're done. of course you need to get into class early enough to write it down.

Ju Mangi

Is it possible to cheat in law school? - what, with open book tests and all. If so, clue me in. I might need it.


Whatever happened to sign language or using bottle cap morse code? Click:yes/a click-click: No/b slide on desk: c slide-slide: d click-slide:e and slide-click: f ahh good times

Chris C

Although I haven't watched the japanese video, the only western vid. that holds water is the coke bottle (b-dum. -tish. But even this is too labour intensive to be worthwhile unless you're actually stupid enough to need to cheat. A worthwhile academic cheat should be so you go to less effort than passing the tests by fair play would be. Otherwise the cheat defies the economies at play here.
Sorry to Cory (BB)with all that ingenuity, but they sound like too much effort to be worthwhile, might as well learn the declensions(?i didn't learn it) and shit yeah?
The 1st kiddo, it is too ingenius to actually work in *any* situation. Too much evidence and too little to gain. The lass 2nd vid. can't rid of the evidence clean enough. And the 3rd is too intensive for any worth.
Simply if you use paper, then a sheet small enough to swallow; inside the pocket of your blazer/jacket with your pens, take em out, place paper on thigh, cheat, end. You can take a cheat-sheet each and read off both if you don't have a seat/space between you both.
Or you can write on the inside of your pencil case (may be antiquated) and just draw 'chimneys' over the top as you use the cheats.
Then you can write 'nonsense' mnemonics on the surface behind the teachers.
If its a book exam, then obv. you disguise cheats as notes...
tbh whats the difference? all the fulltime grade cunts go into A-levels and degrees like this. Those notes wouldn't be approved if the invigilator read all the texts and scripts.
Short-term writing on the hand and lick your hand to aid wiping off the print.
Small script in the resevoir of the toilet then take a poo and quietly recover the script. Read. Take poo. Go back to exam.
Then get creative, otherwise it isn't worthwhile.
If you can cheat effectively, you should be able to pass the exam anyway. So just cheat sessional tests.
The kiddo from the 1st video should be forging rather than cheating, for slack, then passing 'finals' anyway. That seems a better skills balance for him. The only subject worth cheating in is latin anyhow, and everyone wishes they had paid attention in latin a few years down the line.
This probably shows my approximate age and position in the UK class system to within a hundred years eh?

Dave Rattigan

I think this reveals more about the ineffectiveness of the whole culture of education than it does about the students.


Having taught in Japanese schools before, I can say that I would have never even considered checking kids' pencases (which are already covered in bizarre English phrases) for iron-on cheating transfers. I don't quite get how one can check what's written on your t-shirt during a test, but the replacement of all the text on objects that need to be on your desk is brilliant, even if he probably spends more time making the transfers than it would take to just study.


here is my cheat video:


Augie at MartyFeldmanizeMe.com

I found this post very interesting and commented about it over at my blog (http://www.martyfeldmanizeme.com/2008/02/go-ahead-and-cheat.html). Seems to me we're actually encouraging our children to teach by testing them on the wrong things. In this age of instantly-available information, tests should be based on understanding and application, not on rote repeating of data. You can cheat facts and figures, but no cheating system can cheat understanding!


I didn't cheat myself, but I helped many in my Engineering College to cheat using a modified Casio digital diary (16kb type). What I had done was -

1. I took apart the digital diary. Removed and separated the polariser from the LCD.

2. Re-assembled everything inside an empty casing of a large old style LCD scientific calculator. Modified keypad of the calculator to work with the digital diary, so that you can turn on the device and scroll through the recorded content. Note that the device ran without a polariser, so the displayed data are not visible to normal eye when it is turned on.

3. I collected a large polariser, perfectly shaped and fixed on one lens of a spectacle (of the cheater) in a spectacle shop.

Note that we were allowed to carry scientific calculator to exam. Now the text is only visible to the user wearing that special spectacle, it really fooled the invigilators. You have to be careful and use the device without raising suspicion.

The major problem with this method was with calculation, since we were allowed to carry only one calculator and the modified calculator was not designed to compute numbers, the user have to use alternate methods to calculate numbers (using Log-table or something, sometime is sucked).

Well, that was 11 years ago, things have changed now, I bet now it is possible to construct a better and smarter device.

khanikar at google mail dot com (google mail is gmail)


Wow....some people are so creative with trying to figure out ways to cheat. Do you think if they spent their time studying instead of finding ways to cheat that they might save time?

Anonymous named

As long as public schools feel a shade of prison, with stifling of creativity, students will respond in kind. I was top 10 in a class of 300, but I devised ways to cheat purely as a means of messing with the screws.


If those kids can get enough info in pens, on bottles, and on rubber bands to pass the test, then the tests aren't hard enough!


I have two children who are students at Hanover High School in Hanover, NH. (In the very shadow of Dartmouth College). Last year there was a big cheating scandal and the administration called the police in to investigate the cheating. The police spent the summer investigating the cheating using long, foul-mouthed, intimidating interrogations, deceit, the whole TV-style tough cop bit. Charges were brought against a selected group of 10 boys (my son included who in his capacity as "lookout" was charged with consipiracy) and the administration then made no further attempts to punish any more students admitting only that "a few others may have cheated." The police report included over 40 names of "participants" but threats of law suits quickly made this info off limits. Cheating is still rampant at the school. My daughter, a freshman, witnesses cheating in various forms every day. Most of the kids who cheat don't have to. I honestly think they're bored and addicted to interactivity in any form.


All your teachers are not as dumb as you think they are. Yes, I'm a teacher (college), and obviously, I watch YouTube. I catch students trying to cheat fairly easily---as do my colleagues. You seem to forget that we were students, too, and we know the tricks. Technology doesn't stymie me, either.

Plenty of people get away with cheating, but not the ones in my classes. Old age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill.


A friend of mine, an Indiana University Med School Grad, claims a fellow student cheated on nearely every exam and is now a head surgeon at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.

Monkey Under The GPs Microscope

How cheat it is!!


I'm a teacher. I know a lot of their tricks. When they're caught, they're reported and appropriately punished. Repeat offenders can get expelled. It can be laughably obvious they've cheated, but then, they are not the sharpest pencils in the box, are they.

Cheaters are losers, that's the bottom line. Ultimately, it's their problem, not mine. Theirs and their cheated classmates.


This all has to do with the "facts based" approach to learning. If learning was encouraged via creativity and through dialogs and if the arts were allowed to flourish, we'd see much more balanced, wonderfully inquisitive children. But everything would have to change - from the time of school (all the time) to busing, feeding and fostering the education of students (all of which should be mostly on them with our help). We'd need a variety of approaches and all of education would be much more free to the student (to learn at his or her own rate without "grading" so much but more about constructive criticism and personal improvement). For example: high school could be run like college - classes running every few hours by teams of teachers (or by using technology so it's all day long - sure there would be "regular classes", but there would be all kinds of classes, so that even if you were absent physically you could "get the lesson" or submit your work for evaluation if you wished). People behind bars could participate. Some have suggested that the school become a community center that's always open; has nurses and doctors on staff (as well as psychologists, counselors, therapists, trainers, coaches and professors, and even police if needed); and it would grow its own crops and grains, chickens, whatever (each school would be a mini-to full blown farm if its possible).
This is of course not going to happen in our lifetime.


There's a new novel for teenagers about this whole subject - high tech
cheating in high school - that covers a lot of the same territory in a
pretty funny way, if any of you are interested in checking it out. The title
is... "Cheater." The author is Michael Laser.

Fly Guy

Okay i got 2 sweet techniques:

1) Go to Wall-Mart Buy printable stickers, right all u'r stuff in word, small font, and print it on the stickers, lots of information.
Come with short pants and put the sticker under it so when you fold it, you can do a quick lookup.. it's easy, effective, it's also under the table so no one can see it :)

2) This is crazy, takes time, but it worth it!!
Warning: Will work for exams will lots of information like History and so and will only work in winter (unless you wanna look like a fool, and sweat like a pig :)).
Using your computer and a microphone, record the anwers to all the questions you need, the long and hard ones, the ones with all the juicy-hard-to-remember details.
After that.. slow down the voice using any simple audio editor (microsoft has one too, but it sucks), you need to slow it enough so you can write will you play it (even take some breaks when you record).
Finally, convert it to Mp3, load it into your favorite mp3-player ( back then i used to have Diamond RIO 64M).
On the day of the exam, come with a long sleeves shirt, put your mp3-player in one of your pockets and the headphones throught the shirt.. until it reaches your hand, put a small rubber band around it so it wont glich.
That's it, when the exam begins, all you need to do is lean on your hand, and hit play, and write down everything :)

Simple & Effective.

All Right reserved to FullThrottle (C) :)

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