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August 25, 2007


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Friendster's attempt to trademark "It's Complicated":



When I encountered the following:

Male, 23, It's complicated TM
Interested In: Activity Partners

It made perfect sense to me all legal considerations aside. It's code Jason.

Why Friendster would choose to trademark the phrase is beyond me.

Keith Wagner

This is insightful as I was curious too why they would trademark 'It's complicated' I still don't get what it means. Does it mean your dating but also looking? I looked on their site but couldn't find an explanation. So I guess it really is complicated....or just plain confusing. Oh well...


I've been wondering for AGES why did they put a "tm" mark on "It's complicated." It's dumb, pointless, and very unnecessary.

Tim Graham

In all fairness, friendster set the table here. Friendster came up with the choice for the user to choose, not the user. I still think its pretty dumb, though, when these companies attempt to trademark common phrases.

Like, get over yourself, friendster, or else I just might I trademark the suffix "ster"(tm). See how you like it!


So does that mean that i'm violating the law by putting It's Complicated as a status in any other site? Can they sue me for that?

If so i will try to patent WTF(tm) so i can sue everyone on the internet for using my trademark :)


It looks like they have since abandoned their trademark:


Abandonment Date February 28, 2008

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