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October 08, 2005


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Justin Mason

Well said. Another choice example, and my personal pet peeve, is
software-patent proponents accusing the anti-swpat side of being communists.

So, remind me -- which side recommends that a *government agency* should
control who owns certain ideas?


"but rather from supposedly proto-capitalist companies..."

All companies try to be proto-capitalist. You made a silly statement.


Hey LawGeek!
I love what youre saying and I totally agree hands-down. Is there any possible way that I could get of my hands on one of those creative communist t-shirts as I think that it is absolutely hilarious and brilliant. Thanks

Evan from Cincinnati, OH


There is no such things as communism! It doesn't exist! And, if people are capitalist, people can be good or bad just like anything else. And, of course, the side that recommends that a government agency should control who owns certain ideas is obviously the government that has that idea. Commonists? No, commonism is when you forget to flush the toilet and you also forget to wash your hands after using the toilet or cleaning the toilet. Communism isn't bad, capitalism isn't bad either, but people use both of them for bad things. If I had the choice I would get rid the patent office and the DMCA, or if I didn't have quite that much power, make it so that patent laws and DMCA don't apply for anything that is open source, and also doesn't apply to uncompiled public domain source-code either. I sometimes license things under Creative Communism (basically you can do anything with it except add more restrictive licenses to it, it is a very simple license). I could do without copyrights more restrictive than the GNU GPL, but not everyone is the same as that. When I make business, I don't do it greedy or too much marketing or dishonest like everyone else, instead I do it honest and un-greedy (add a ? after the matching modifier symbol) and available for other people to do what they want with it, and only a little bit of marketing rather than too much marketing. And, if you want the shirt, just print out the picture and make it up yourself.

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