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January 26, 2004


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PanIP, the firm that demands five-digit sums in licensing fees from small companies using e-commerce upon threat of vastly more expensive patent infringement litigation (see Feb. 4-5, 2003), gets coverage in USA Today as part of a larger story on... [Read More]

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Among the 10 patents selected by the Electronic Frontier Foundation today for its Patent Busting Project is that of Sheldon Goldberg, covering online gaming and real-time ladder rankings. Goldberg's attorney has been targeting smaller web sites such as... [Read More]


Thomas Warfield

See http://www.asharewarelife.com/2004_01_25_archive.html#107561453451433887 for another example of this same patent in action.

Brian Fisher

It's even more fun. The patents are full of numerous frivolous claims. A few online gaming sites I know including us have been delivered similar rediculous all encompassing claims related to games played over the internet, online advertising, and high score ranking. If anyone else has received such claims or knows of prior art before 1996 please use the contact link on Arcadetown.com bottom nav bar.

Jerry Drescher

we (tornadogames.com) also had the pleasure of getting this paperwork. After reading the patents, we have come to the conclusion that there is so much prior art on almost every one of the 300+ claims within the 3 patents that it would take us about 4 years to document it all of it. Like Brian said, anyone with prior art for games on network, card games, chess or checkers games in which you play against the computer or gaming networks that offered ads in exchange for games on a network prior to 1996 us or Brian know. Thanks for your help in keeping the internet a happy place.

Jerry Drescher

Sorry for the grammer errors in the statement above... my mind is running faster then me fingers!

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